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Discontinue Carnegie/MATHia in Berkeley County Schools

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Carnegie Math is not only unfair to students, it is robbing them of their proper math understanding. It has technical issues like constant freezing and improper answer detection. An example of this is when you put in your answer and the program tells you it's wrong then, once you use your hints, the program tells you the answer you put in earlier was correct. This causes students to get frustrated with math and takes away the will to want to learn. Instead of teaching kids how to understand math in a proper fashion, it is causing them to find ways to cheat the software so they can get complete the requirements. This allows the student to "pass" the class with almost no retained knowledge and will cause failure in more advanced math classes. The restrictions and grading rubric can be unfair to students because not all students are on the same learning level and some learn differently then others.We would like to discontinue the Carnegie/MATHia system removed from the math curriculum by the end of the year.

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