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The Berkeley City Council is considering revisions to the Demolition Ordinance which would make it easy to tear down rent controlled apartments – and any other building in Berkeley!

In June, a compromise draft of revisions to the existing Demolition law went to the City Council. Since then, each new draft of the law is worse for Berkeley, and Berkeley tenants in particular, than the last. The Sierra Club, NAACP, Neighborhoods Council, Berkeley Architectural Heritage Assn. and East Bay Community Law Center are also speaking out against these new drafts. All are agreed that any change must require one-for-one replacement of rent controlled housing with units affordable to low income residents. 

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Letter to
Berkeley City Council
Please Preserve Affordable Housing by approving the June 4 compromise on the Demolition Ordinance. Rent controlled units should be repaired, but if they must be torn down, they must be replaced with permanent affordable housing. I stand with the Berkeley Tenants Union:
►No occupied units should be eliminated for any reason.
►Units emptied via the Ellis Act cannot be eliminated.
►Demolished empty units must be replaced with permanently affordable housing.
► A mitigation fee will not meet our housing needs soon enough.
► The July 2 and August 30 changes will violate the Neighborhood Preservation Ordinance.

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