Let's not turn Berkeley into a giant RV Park

Let's not turn Berkeley into a giant RV Park

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We are living in challenging times where the wealth gap seems to be accelerating, and many people are having a difficult time keeping up in the Bay Area. While Berkeley has a track record of being compassionate, it has become apparent that RV encampments present tremendous health and safety risks to our community. Further, it is obvious on its face that the vast majority of RV dwellers that have arrived in our city do not have roots here. They have come for our compassion and are taking advantage of our excessive tolerance.

As we are seeing in Los Angeles, with the return of medieval pestilence, streets that do not have power and waste facilities are not suitable for temporary, let alone, permanent RV dwelling. Further, with no ability to do background checks on the occupants, it does seem that we have invited a high risk population to live on our streets with little or no screening or supervision. 

We, the undersigned, would like to see a brisk resolution to the RV problem, and implore the City Council to order the enforcement of the parking laws on the books and remove these vehicles from our community. We do not believe a permit program is the right solution and ask that the City Council begins to focus on improving the general quality of life through safety and public infrastructure investments, in lieu of relentless transient and RV pandering.