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Berkeley, CA, City Officials: Take a Zero-Tolerance stance against littering at AT&T Terminals.

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For years AT&T technicians working in the Bay Area have been recklessly leaving their non-biodegradable debris on public and private land near telecommunications terminals (the green boxes) in our communities. Why is this of such great concern? Because all of these terminals are located near storm drains where wires can be flushed easily into the Bay with yard water or rain, negatively impacting the marine environment. Long pieces of wires strewn on the sidewalk create fall hazards for the elderly and small children. The brightly colored, attractive wires can create choking hazards for pets and are potentially toxic if consumed by native species that inhabit the area. And, it is against the law. If an individual can be held accountable for littering, why shouldn't AT&T, a multi-billion dollar corporation, be held to the same standard? They should, and that's why concerned citizens of the City of Berkeley have started this petition.

By signing this petition, you are telling the City that you will not tolerate AT&T's continued practice of littering in the neighborhood of West Berkeley and that you demand City officials take action stronger against AT&T to stop this practice. Here are two laws on the books that City Officials have so far been reluctant to enforce:

BMC Chapter 12.40.080 prohibits any person, company or corporation from throwing, depositing or dumping debris, litter or rubbish in public places.

BMC Chapter 17.20.050 states that no person shall throw, deposit, leave, maintain, keep, or permit to be thrown, deposited, placed, left upon any public or private place any trash, debris or litter that might be or become a pollutant that enters the storm drain system.

Additionally, the City should request that AT&T immediately rid the area of any debris and make whole the environment surrounding the terminals in the City.


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