"Switch for Sustainability"-Get Berkeley grocery stores to supply compostable produce bags

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After doing two shoreline clean ups at the Berkeley Marina, I saw the real impact of plastic pollution in my community. Many of the things I saw were plastic bags, straws, processed food wrappers, bottle caps, and plastic bottles.

Plastic bags are a huge harm to the environment as shown through hundreds of studies.Single-use plastics are most commonly distributed in places of business- grocery stores, restaurants- so it is important to eliminate the issue starting from there. 

 Local grocery stores contribute to the plastic pollution problem by providing customers with single-use plastic produce bags. If they are obligated in any way to provide a bag for customers to use, they should make the switch to a compostable bag.

This change is necessary and helpful so that local businesses can limit the amount of plastic that could potentially end up in the ocean and further harm our ecosystem. Local businesses are the heart of the community and it is imperative that what they provide us as customers is truly the best for all of us. 

This petition will help our community, marine animals, and will help our planet Earth overall.