Bergenfield: No Townhouses on 83 Hickory Ave

Bergenfield: No Townhouses on 83 Hickory Ave

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Constantina Meis started this petition to Bergenfield Zoning Board

This Petition was created to show that Bergenfield Residents on Hickory Ave,   E. Central Ave, 1st St. and Kuggas Pl; DO NOT SUPPORT the building of Townhouses in a Residential Area on 83 HICKORY AVE.

We are also asking our Bergenfield Friends, Family & Neighbors to join us in this fight and sign this petition as well. 

Recently we, the neighbors next to and surrounding 83 HICKORY AVE, have learned that the OWNERS of 83 HICKORY AVE, DR INVESTORS LLC & C.R. RESTORATION, LLC submitted requests to the Bergenfield Zoning Board for permission to build six (6) Townhouse Units on their property.

We live in an R-5 Single & Two Family Residential Zone. 

This property is in the same zoning area designated with us which means only development of Residential One (1) Single Family - and (2)Two-Family Residential Homes are allowed.

Building Apartments & Townhomes that are 3 story buildings in Bergenfield are designated in  R-M Multi-Family Residential Zones. 

There are zones designed throughout Bergenfield already which would benefit from having Townhomes in those zones. 

This application wants to change that!! 

This application by developers wants to request changes to build townhomes right behind our backyards. 

This application does not meet those requirements and restrictions for our street and neighborhood and we do not want this application approved!

Below is the letter we will send to the Bergenfield Zoning Board and copied to the Bergenfield Site Planning Committee; Bergenfield Mayor & Council and Bergenfield Borough Clerk; to express our concerns and why we do not support this over-development in our community. 

Dear Bergenfield Zoning Board Chairman & Members,

I am a Bergenfield resident and would like to address my concerns to the zoning board and urge the members to take the following into consideration. There is a developer, DR INVESTORS LLC & C.R. RESTORATION, LLC, who is seeking variance approvals in an R-5 Zone in order to construct a three-story townhouse building with SIX (6) units and eighteen (18) parking spaces on 83 Hickory Ave. Please note the following concerns:

1. This sets a dangerous precedent for future land use by developers in the residential areas of Bergenfield as an acceptable way to do business in the town.

2. The zoning regulations have been adopted with the goal of serving the best interests of Town residents. An applicant for a variance has to prove two things: (1) that because of some peculiar characteristic of the land itself, it would be especially difficult for the landowner to make reasonable use of the property in conformance with all of the applicable zoning regulations; and (2) that the variance would not have a significantly detrimental effect on the overall zoning plan or on the neighborhood. Neither of these can be proved.

3. The fire safety concerns in regards to having enough space for a fire truck to travel on and off the property. ( recently discovered by the Zoning Board Members in Meeting on 4/5/2021). 

4. Increased traffic on Hickory Ave and the Driveway of 83 Hickory Ave would impact neighbors and create hazards on the sidewalk and street for drivers, neighbors, and pedestrians. 

5. Overdevelopment takes away from the character of the community and neighborhood in and around Hickory Ave, which can also impact other parts of Bergenfield in the future if this is built. 

6. This will potentially lower the home property value of homes that are next and near to the property of 83 Hickory Ave.

The Bergenfield Master Plan is an important document that reflects the needs and wants of our community. Please make the best decision that our neighbors and community can agree with together; this application doesn’t reflect any consideration for the neighborhood and residents of this community.

I appreciate your time and passion for this community as you serve in the capacity of members of the Zoning Board. Your time and commitments are valuable and respected. I hope you will consider the concerns listed above and not approve this application.

Sincerely your neighbor,

Bergenfield Resident: Name & Address listed in this petition

CC:  Bergenfield Site Planning Committee; Bergenfield Mayor & Council; Bergenfield Borough Clerk

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