Bergenfield NJ: Pedestrian Bicyclist Safety Committee


Bergenfield NJ: Pedestrian Bicyclist Safety Committee

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Jose Gonzalez started this petition to Bergenfield Mayor Schmelz & Council Members

Petition to form a Pedestrian Bicyclist Safety Committee in Bergenfield NJ

Mayor Norman Schmelz and Council Members: Ora C. Kornbluth, Arvin Amatorio, Buddy Deauna, Thomas A. Lodato, Rafael Marte, Hernando Rivera:

As parents, grandparents, family members and concerned community residents of Bergenfield, we urge the elected officials who represent the town of Bergenfield to vote on the Ordinances to create a safety traffic committee that would include the Mayor, Council Members, Bergenfield Police Department and Bergenfield residents to work together to strengthen and make our streets safer for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Based on a police report, since 2017 59 bicyclists and pedestrian have been hit by drivers, causing the death of 2 people including a 10 year old boy in a bike this year. Counting 14 traffic incidents just this year.

Nearby towns like, Tenafly, Englewood and Ridgewood are good example of the important of a safety traffic committee and its focused in reducing accident and mortalities.

No more children or community members need to die or be injured needless due to unsafe road conditions or unobservant drivers of motor vehicles.

We are demanding the following:

1. For the Council to vote yes on the formation of the safety traffic committee
2. The formation of a safe streets committee conduct researches, analyzing data, finding human and capital resources and to create event and workshops and safety programs throughout Bergenfield’s school districts, library, and governmental institutions to promote safety measures in our Friendly Town of Bergenfield.
3. A traffic study of the streets of Bergenfield and additional safety measures to promote pedestrian and bicycle safety on the road and at intersections.
4. Increased Signage and police enforcement for those who do not obey traffic laws.

The next Mayor & Council Meeting will be on August 20th at 8:00 PM  at 198 North Washington Avenue Bergenfield, NJ 07621

Please sign this petition and help us to create safer streets for pedestrians and bicyclists in our town.


This petition made change with 60 supporters!

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