Keep the Titanium Knights FRC Robotics Team at BCA

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Our FIRST Robotics Competition team at the Bergen County Academies (BCA), the Titanium Knights, is in danger of not continuing next year. We need your support and the voice of the public to show that we as a team and a community wish for our robotics team to continue.

At BCA, we strongly value pursuing our passions. This theme is found repeatedly throughout our experience at BCA, starting during the Open House, Induction, and a variety of assemblies throughout the school year. The ability to pursue our passion and the opportunities available at BCA are what truly allows our school to rise to the national top school that it has today. We strongly feel that the high quality of the BCA experience would not be possible had students not been able to explore their passions freely.

In BCA, a steadily growing group of students is extremely passionate about robotics, and especially the FIRST Robotics Competition, truly understanding and encompassing the values of FIRST. We understand that FIRST is unlike any other engineering program as it not only includes the values of engineering, but also acknowledges the importance of teamwork, cooperation, management, mentorship as well as giving back to the community. In fact, the most prestigious award in FIRST is not one related to the robot, but one focusing on the inspirational power that each team has had on their community. As such, FIRST provides an extremely valuable interpersonal and engineering experience with large applicability to industry and work later in our lives.

Therefore, we feel that FRC is an extremely valuable competition to continue at BCA. Even though we recognize that FRC is not easy, requiring large commitments and often creating difficult challenges to work through, we find that the benefits far outweigh the harms. In our past year, we as a team, even though we had our fair share of problems, were able to participate with a spirit of excitement and initiative throughout the season, coming out with new friends and a passion to continue FRC next year.

However, the status of our team next year is in danger. As a new third year FRC team, we still lack experience and need to improve in numerous areas. Due to lack of resources and communication, support among the faculty and administration is diminishing. However, we know that our team members are extremely interested and devoted to making sure that it is possible that the Titanium Knights can continue next year. We recognize that some issues did arise in our team management, but our team is confident that these issues can be resolve through continued communication with faculty and administration. We understand that the establishment of an FRC team is the very definition of a growing process, and as only a third year team, we are confident that many of our issues can be resolved with time and communication.

Through this petition, we would like to show support from our team and community and our willingness to work with administration and faculty to make sure that we can continue following our passions through FRC next year. Please show your support and sign this petition.

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