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Bentwood Transformation

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The Board (especially Chris Peng and Seth Daily) and Management have repeatedly gone out of their way to remove the notice on the public community board inviting residents to view this petition. Actions speak volumes. That is theirs.

The signers of this petition are deeply concerned with the financial, aesthetic, and structural state of the building. As residents, owners and tenants of this building, we have no confidence in the current board; neither in its capacity, ability nor desire to successfully manage the financial, health, interests and quality of life of residents in the building.

Equally we hold the management company hired by the board to be at fault for the shortcomings.

Factually, this current Board has been running this building sideways and into the ground for the better part of three years. This is evident in the structural, mechanical, staffing and financial deficiencies which Bentwood has incurred over the course of this boards’ tenure which has been riddled with inadequacies, shortsighted “band aid” solutions and self-serving decisions. The purpose of this document is not to admonish them, but to save our investment, homes and building.

The best way to effectuate the reclamation of our building is through a results driven democratic process. As such, we the undersigned, representing the will of the building residents, are affording the current Board 90 days (until 12/6/16) to remedy the following items or remove themselves from their position and recuse themselves from any subsequent future elections. Failing to adhere do this will be an acknowledgement of the bad faith displayed by the board.  

- bathroom, hallways, basement and common areas should be shampooed, usable and sanitary.

Elevators – rehabilitate to center city standards.

Lobby – correct the defects hidden in past remodel, correct to center city standards and involve residents in the decision.

Gym – the room is mold infested and not a functional space much less a gym. Create a desirable gym as agreed upon by the community and designed by it.

Meetings and transparency– hold monthly meetings and respond to requests for information, issues and concerns within 24 hours.

Voted upon decisions – issues which affect the common areas and residential section of the building should only be left to a one vote per door election of residential unit owners. Not to a 20% voting block of the commercial section which has no business, interaction or shared access with the residences.

Financial accounting – Respond to accounting requests within 24 hours with a goal of providing requested information within 5 days.

Hirings- Specifically, return Oleg to the front desk while retaining Regina, Shanelle & Shina and apportioning hours to floaters equally. The staff at Bentwood is part of the Bentwood community. It is not a revolving door.
Remove the position of “porter” and replace with “maintenance persons” with matching skill sets, duties and resources.



The individuals on the board should set aside their egos, petty grievances and self-serving interests and do what is best for the Building. The goal of a Board is to make the Building a first class building that realtors are anxious to show and people desire to live in and are proud of. 

The board should acknowledge (at the very least to themselves) the shortcomings of the past, get over any hurt feelings they may have, move on and look to the future or step aside and let others do this. 
The individuals on the Board should not duck and dive behind excuses like "ongoing litigation, the hoa agreement, our lawyers, etc" whenever a legitimate issue is raised.

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