Save Bentwood Now

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Our building as well as our community have been ravaged and destroyed by the current board members and management.

Recently, they notified us that they effectively bankrupted the building and as such are instituting a million-dollar special assessment. That means that our properties are going to be assessed about $12,000 a piece. The board, through its attorney, that we paid for with our HOA dues, was gracious enough to tell us that they will send us to collections and foreclosure proceedings if we do not pay promptly. 

$1,000,000 in cash, should be a tremendous boost to any building however, this special assessment does not go towards improving our community, assets, lifestyle, amenities, common areas or even improving services.

Insanely enough, after this special assessment, from their letter they are going to increase or monthly dues while reducing whatever little services we have such as eliminating 24-hour concierge. We don't have a gym. We do not have a club room. We do not have parking. We do not have nice hallways or even a respectable entrance. Now we will not even have a front desk as we do now. One would think with all these lacking amenities our HOA dues would go down. But that will go up if this board has its way which has been the case as reflected by past increases that they perpetrated upon us.

Over the past years Philadelphia has enjoyed a tremendous boost in the value of real estate. Our building is pretty much the only one in the city that has not benefited from the surge in market prices but in fact greatly languished behind it. This is reflected in the depressed value of our homes as well as the significantly lowered rental income. We are effectively becoming indentured to this board and having our properties stolen from underneath us in the process.

There has been zero accountability from this board. Management has stalled any efforts for the community to interact or even try to communicate with this board which clearly does not have our interest. In the event where the response is provided by the board, it is basically that the lawyers will respond and as you guessed it, they never do. None of the board members live in the building. That speaks volumes.

There have been multiple instances of worrisome election practices over the past elections and now more recently it is evidenced that millions of dollars have been squandered with no perceptible benefit to us. The residents.

In fact, over the past three years not only have our reserve funds have been depleted, our HOA dues went up and services significantly went down while the building became visibly more dilapidated. 

We are tired of the accelerating decline of our building and the stifling of the community by the board and management. This board has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on protecting their own interests by hiring attorneys to hide behind at our expense.

This board has shut down all communication within the community. Have hidden the election process and controlled which votes to count or not, based on their benefit to them. This board has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on their attorneys, which we pay for, to effectively stall any reasonable request by any homeowner. It is clear this board does not have the interests of the community at heart.

As such the undersigned, homeowners and residents of Bentwood demand the following:

1. Voiding the special assessment completely. Immediately.

2. Freezing expenses, reevaluating all existing contracts, maintaining current HOA dues for the foreseeable future.

3. Removal of all current board members and replacement with the remaining candidates from the most recent ballot. As the actions of the current board demonstrate worrying conduct and gross incompetence. 

The undersigned have no trust in the conduct of the board and management. We demand the resignation of the entire board effective immediately. At which point we want the institution of a new board comprising of the candidates remaining on the last ballot which will hold a regular open meetings and transparent conduct as well as a full accounting to any homeowner which requests it.