Hope Church property should not be rezoned C-2 in Bentonville, Arkansas

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Regarding the proposal made to the Planning Commission to allow a partition of the Hope Church property to be rezoned as C-2 General Commercial - we petition the Planning Commission to reject the rezoning proposal. Not only is it inappropriate for the residential community in which it resides, against current zoning recommendations and contrary to the newly proposed Community Plan, but there are other rezoning alternatives that will still allow Hope Church to sell their property to commercial developers while retaining the character of this 30-year-old established neighborhood and preserving the integrity of the city's planning goals.

Allowing a C-2 zone to be placed inside of a R-type zone is contrary to the objectives set forth in the Bentonville General Plan.

Section 401.8 of the Bentonville Zoning Code states:

A. [sic]The Planning Commission will consider, in the administration of commercial districts, the General Plan objective of discouraging urban sprawl. The districts are designed to:
1. minimize any potential incompatibilities between commercial developments
and other types of land use;

It is contrary to the General Plan objective to allow any type of large use general commercial development to be introduced into a residential neighborhood.  This is clearly the intention behind the phrase "potential incompatibilities". The impact of this rezoning change would be significant - around 250 single family residences in the neighborhood with nearly 60 of those residences impacted directly.

Section 401.8 of the Bentonville Zoning Code further defines C-2 zones as the "least restrictive" commercial districts (compared to C-1 and C-3...also R-0,etc.)

A. 2. C-2, General Commercial
[sic]The C-2 District represents the least restrictive of the commercial districts
and is designed to serve the planning area and highway travelers.

There will be no restrictions on building in this area. As such, any type of establishment would be allowed to be constructed and developed while being bordered on all 3 sides by single family residences in an otherwise quiet neighborhood. The property owners would have no say or input as to the type of development allowed. Choosing a different rezoning option, would at least provide the community an opportunity to participate in deciding the fate of our property values and protecting our neighborhood from the consequences of urban sprawl by prohibiting certain sizes of buildings, number of occupants, parking spaces, types (and heights) of lights, excessive noise, and so on.

Earlier this year Bentonville announced the creation of a new Community Plan, intended to retain the character of the city and preserve the overall community while allowing progress and development.  The proposed rezoning of the Hope Church property to allow C-2 development in a large and well-established residential district sets a dangerous precedent and clearly moves against the goals of the Community Plan.

 By signing this petition we state that we live within this community or are otherwise directly affected by a major change to it and that we insist that the Planning Commission reject the rezoning proposal to change the partition of the Hope Church property to C-2 General Commercial.



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