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Discipline a police officer for Excessive force

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Excessive force was used towards my 17 year old son who was just at the park with his friends, the Officer asked for his ID and when my son reached for it he was handcuffed and tripped so that he would fall . The officer when retrieving the ID also saw some Marine Items in my sons wallet, and when he asked my son if he was a Marine my son said no but my brother is. To this the Officer replied " Well tell your Marine Brother you just had your face smashed to the ground by an Ex- Marine and he laughed". My son who was then released since there was no reason for this in the first place has suffered a black eye and bruises and was very traumitized by this. He did what he ws asked and was still the victim of excessive force!! This will not be tolerated we need to make a stand against Authority figures and there power trips!!! Please sign this so that we can get the officer to be held accountable for his outright misconduct and violation on the code of conduct they are to uphold.  This incident was also video taped and there were many witnessess to the police misconduct .

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