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Keep Bensalem Gifted Education Strong!

Over 300 academically gifted students attend Bensalem public schools. Their access to the educational support they need is in jeopardy. Bensalem School District faces a budget shortfall for 2017-2018 and plans to reduce staff by attrition, which could mean that it will not replace a middle school gifted teacher who is retiring. Bensalem's middle school gifted classes are a model of success in PA and one of the biggest reasons our gifted students achieve such high levels of academic success. Gifted learners in grades 6, 7 and 8 are clustered for the core subjects of math, science and humanities. This "all gifted, all day" model benefits students through faster and deeper learning as well as important peer interactions. Teachers are better able to provide individualized education, because the range of differentiation among gifted students is less dramatic than in a general education class. Eliminating a gifted teacher position would destroy the great middle school gifted program and leave students and teachers struggling to meet the goals of their GIEPs without violating the 20 gifted student per class limit set by PA law. Please join BADGE in urging the Bensalem Township School Board, Superintendent and School District not to cut gifted teaching positions or resources.  

We insist that the humanities position being vacated by Janine Daniels be filled and posted in June, while keeping all of the other current GT and SIP positions intact. 


This petition was delivered to:
  • Bensalem Township School Board
    Kim Rivera
  • Bensalem Township School Board
    Heather Nicholas
  • Bensalem Township School Superintendent
    Dr. Samuel Lee
  • Bensalem Township School Board
    Marc Cohen
  • Bensalem Township School Board
    Kathleen Lesnevec
  • Bensalem Township School Board
    Wayne Lewis
  • Bensalem Township School Board
    Ankit Parikh
  • Bensalem Township School Board
    Anand Patel
  • Bensalem Township School Board
    David Rizzo
  • Bensalem Township School Board
    Pamela Strange
  • Director of Special Services, BTSD
    Brian Cohen
  • Assistant to the Superintendent
    Kathleen Leon
  • Director of Secondary Curriculum, BTSD
    Jason Bowman
  • Director of Business Operations, BTSD
    John Steffy

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