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Not to send an innocent baby to live with her mother in a co-ed rehab

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Please support this petition to the honorable Benjamin C. Telsey Presiding Judge Family Part and/or Georgia M. Curio to reverse Judge Telsey's decision to send our granddaughter to live with her mother in a rehab. We have given the baby a loving home since we took her home from the hospital on February 15th of 2013. We are her certified foster parents , CP&P (formally DYFS) placed her with us after she was taken from her mother (our daughter) shortly after her birth. She was taken away because our daughter is an addict and was using while she was pregnant.The baby was born with Xanex in her system. This is our daughter's second child she has lost due to her ongoing addiction. Her other child who has the same Father, also resides in our home.She has been taken care of by her maternal Grandmom, who has recently given us custody so that the girls could be together. This is our Daughter's 3rd round in a rehab in a 10 year period. She has been homeless for the past 2 years due to her bad choices and burned all of her bridges. She can no longer get help from Women's services or Welfare. We feel that she wants her baby to come with her to the rehab because she can not get housing help from the state without a child. Our daughter did not go into rehab until May 13th 2013. During the three months that she had from when her baby was born until she entered rehab, she only visited her baby 3 times. Since she has been in rehab she calls regularly to ask for things to be sent to her , never to ask about the children. The rehab center is located in a very bad section in New Jersey. There is no security at the building even though it has other children living there.
Please support our quest to reverse the Judge's decision. We feel that our daughter has a serious problem and needs to work on making herself better. We hope that one day she can be a Mom to her two girls. Right now , she needs to focus on getting help for herself first. We feel that it is in the best interest of the children and everyone involved for our granddaughter to remain in our home where she resides with her sister in a safe loving environment. If they remove our youngest granddaughter (which is planned for August 9th 2013) It will cause irreversible damage to our oldest granddaughter as she is not allowed to go. She already feels abandoned by her mother and having her see her baby sister get taken away to go live with Mommy and not her will be devastating.

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