Please Try To Throw A House Party (With Full Consent From The Property Owners)

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It has been many months since the last house party at Ben Botten's yard: we are reaching the breaking point.

It is essential that everyone - regardless of background - can receive adequate amounts of sesh; unfortunately, many of us are not getting such necessities and now face many serious issues.

Those affected by acute sesh-withdrawal can suffer from:

  • extreme boredom
  • a reduction in quality of one's social life,
  • depression,
  • improved liver and lung health,
  • a decrease in IQ and/or testicle size,
  • & death.

Please try your best to achieve this goal (legally).

NOTE: This petition is intended to be purely comedic and does in no way encourage or condone the hosting of illicit events at another’s property without consent. The creator of this petition cannot be held accountable for any legal issues that arise relating to a “house party” at “ben’s yard”.