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Immediately remove Virgilio S. Almario from office as Chairman, Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino.

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Together with all commissioners who are not linguistic experts, it is important to remove Virgilio S. Almario from his post as KWF  commissioner and chair on the following grounds: 

a)  He is barred by law from assuming, or being appointed to that position because neither is he a linguist  nor is he noted for his linguistic expertise, a qualification expressly provided for under RA 7104 for KWF commissioners; 

b) He continuously refuses to use the official name for our country (Pilipinas) and instead propagates an unofficial name for our country (Filipinas) thereby sowing confusion among the general public. The name, Pilipinas, has been enshrined under the Filipino version of the 1987 Constitution which was signed by members of the Constitutional Commission and ratified by the Filipino people in a plebiscite;

c) He has been found to have tampered with the official messages of the President of the Philippines and other government officials who use the official name (Pilipinas) for our country. He has also been found to have fraudulently tampered with the implementing rules and regulations of RA 7104 when he and his cohorts removed the “noted for their linguistic expertise” qualification for commissioners and watered this down to simply “language expertise” to suit their own purposes;  

d)  He continues to oppose mother tongue-based multilingual education which is the official language-in-education policy of the country, as provided for under RA 10533, and instead promotes a “Tagalog/Filipino-biased” education policy.  This opposition to MTB-MLE is glaringly shown by KWF’s approval of a “national orthography” to which ALL spelling systems in ALL Philippine languages should adhere to, in violation of Section 5, letter (h) of RA 10533 which states that the responsibility of developing, approving and publishing local materials shall devolve to the regional and division education units of the Department of Education; and

e)  he has a sordid career and despicable reputation as an apologist writer for the Marcos martial law regime, having organized in 1986  a group of writers called  COWARD (Coalition of Writers and Artists for Freedom and Democracy)  that campaigned during the snap elections for the Marcos-Tolentino ticket against Cory Aquino-Doy Laurel.

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