Regressive attacks on a single woman Bengaluru Police helplessly supportive

Regressive attacks on a single woman Bengaluru Police helplessly supportive

6 March 2021
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Started by Neelima Thakur


I'm Neelima, an engineering professional turned educationist and entrepreneur with an experience of 28 years in a CPSE in Bengaluru. I joined the CPSE unit of BHEL in Bengaluru in 1989 and since then have been resident in the city rather peacefully.

Following is the brief of oppressive and regressive attacks that continue unabated on me and my assets. It might be noteworthy that as a single woman, I've been living in BEML Layout 5th Stage, Rajarajeshwari Nagar for the past 16 yrs. rather peacefully and independently in my own house. 

1) Regressive attacks by an earlier bomber and vandal staying in a ghetto like building  called 'Balaji Residency' was carried out on my house and car from the terrace of this building on the 4th of December 2020. This shameful incident was carried out by a key vandal (identified well by his earlier act of bombing my car). My house with roof tiles and solar panels - both suffered damages and my car was damaged separately. This attack was completely one sided and without any interaction from my end. 

2) It was discovered at a later date that the vandal had taken support of the other neighbours surrounding my house whose  political links were used to hush up my complaint with Rajarajeshwari Nagar Police Station. The R R Nagar area police completely alienated with the regressive neighbours. On multiple occasions, my Phone (IMEI no.) was blocked for calling all Emergency Helplines, 100,112, 911 etc. The same was unblocked by requesting officials and local police station. However, even after unblocking the number, the services were discounted and also at times visit by Hoysala police vehicle used for abusing me. Sometimes women police were brought to hurl abuses. 

3) For getting a fair investigation and justice, I needed to update senior police officials on the law and order situation but I realised through overheard conversations from neighbours that every email and in person conversations are being disclosed by the R R Nagar Police and other support police staff of senior police officials to the regressive neighbours. 

4) Apparently, these regressive and politically connected neighbours were also heard a couple of times at a later date hatching a plan to kill me. I find myself vulnerable as my not giving up with Police follow-up has irritated the police officials. In this struggle, I did inform a few good friends and neighbours of this layout. However, due to a number of local neighbours involved, they didn't come out openly in my support. 

Why I need  Change dot Org petition is because a) I don't find neighbours supporting me due to political interference in police complaint and FIR- As I have not been given a chance to provide my statement while neighbours apparently have made false allegations in their statements b) Further, even if I make a criminal case, the matter might take years and in all likelihood have political interference to derail justice. 

I hope to be heard and supported for the cause of being a single woman being targeted and ill treated for being an outsider while I've been contributing for 32 years for nation building and continue to serve the state of Karnataka by creating employment opportunities in my business. I believe strongly in giving and contributing to make an impact with my rich experience of 32 years in design/engineering.

Going forward, I would like to be supported for bearing the torch to stop regressive attacks on women in business and independent women who create value for the nation - socially, economically to provide a balance in society.

I generously thank for providing with a platform to create change that's positive for us as humans and our country. 

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Signatures: 683Next Goal: 1,000
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