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Evacuate the illegal Vendors from Subway connecting KBS, BMTC and KSR Bengaluru stations

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Inhuman act, but was a mute spectator

unable help the boy.

Dear friends I would like to share an inhuman and heinous incident that took place at entry gate of underpass to KSR bengaluru railway station from BMTC bus stand...

Me and my wife were returning from Davanagere after attending a marriage, alighted train and were passing through the underpass(subway), at end there is fruit vendor, selling fruits, my wife was enquiring about the prices of fruits, I was just glancing at other vendors, there I happened to see this scenic and inhuman incident..

A boy aged around 18 years, mostly returning to hometown/home. While passing through the underpass (subway from BMTC to city railway station) he, for curiosity asked price of a headset the vender was selling, the vendor immediately showed and given him a piece after seeing it, the the boy returned to the vendor, but the vendor never accepted it, instead he forced him to buy it frighted by this the boy started shewring and in a low voice he said that he do not have money. meanwhile another two friends of the vendor joined with the vendor and started to manhandle him and abuse him in all possible way and pulled him to a corner and forced him to take out his purse.

The boy started to cry, still these ill bred people never let him go, they pulled his shirt, his pant and tried to take his purse out.

Unfortunately my mobile was out of battery, unable to even to take a snap of it and by then, she have bought fruits and we started moving towards our bus as it was too late, 10.30PM.

My dear Friends, you, your friends, or known people, anyone for that matter, might have experienced this kind of coward act by these illegal and ill breed vendors.

Subways are there to be used by the commuters, but if you see it, its full of mobile vendors, fruits vendors, clothes and garments vendors, leather vendors what not?, they left a small passage for commuters to move.

The local police, local police station, and the concerned middle and higher police officers are to be held responsible for this incidents.
Today it happened to him, who knows tomorrow it may happen to me or to you or to your brothers, sisters or loved ones, those vendors even they can stab people to earn money.

There is not even single police personnel nearby, I searched at least to inform them of the incident, but in vain.

Those police office officers, who are accepting money from their daily collection, are highly dangerous to the prosperity of our nation.

There is no safety for girls, women, boys, men or anyone who pass through the subway before 6AM and after 9PM, one side these venders, other side the sex workers, and the beggars.

There is no proper CCTV surveillance, at least to see what had happened for any reported incidents.

Please share this post so that it reaches the concerned authority and officers.



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