Keep Abortions Legal

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Synopsis of the Issue

In the government many people believe that abortions should be illegal. We believe that they should stay legal because women should have rights over their own bodies.

History of Abortion 

Drugs used to induce abortion started to become a booming busines. People thinking abortion is wrong started when Leslie Regan wrote and published the book When Abortion Was a Crime. In the 18th century abortions were very common. Abortions were legal until the women could feel the fetus moving. 

Why is Abortion Something that Should Remain Legal?

Giving birth is a painful and life changing experience, if a women is pregnant and does not want a child she should not be forced to go through with the painful experience. Giving birth can kill the mother and the child, if a woman does not want to risk death she should not have to. The controversy of abortions is because many people believe that abortions kill the child. If abortions occur before the fetus can feel pain or comprehend the pain, they should remain legal. That is why we firmly believe that abortions should remain legal. 

When there are more votes this petition it will be sent to Georgia senator Ben Watson. We will ask him to vote in the Senate to keep abortions legal. 

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