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Lift the ban on Snowskates at Ski Santa Fe

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New Mexico's ski areas need to be 100% snowskate friendly. This will benefit those who ride snowskates, families with any snowskaters, the makers and sellers of snowskates, including local shops and the ski areas themselves. In addition to the local clientele, there could be a large out-of-state draw if every ski resort allowed them.  We have had a few visitors from out of state come just to ride Taos. One of which came from Ontario and made New Mexico his furthest point South on his cross-country tour.

Allowing snowskates is mutually beneficial because universal resort acceptance will allow snowskating to grow in popularity thus creating more patrons down the road. I've had customers with many different histories. Some have been life-long snowboarders, some have tried snowboarding and never liked it and some have never skied or snowboarded.  Nearly every weekend I will get someone who just has to try it, so I lend them a board, give them a few pointers and watch them learn something new. There is a snowball effect that I'm witnessing when that person gets a snowskate and they show it to a friend who then wants to try it.  The first day I rode at Taos I saw two separate acquaintances who now wish to get their own snowskates since Taos allows them. When those two are frequenting their home mountain, they will be talking to the patrons there and sharing their love of snowskating.  

My personal story is that I would buy only a couple lift tickets per season to snowboard but now I go to a ski area at least once per week and I travel more to visit different snowskate friendly resorts.  Snowskating has given me a renewed interest in going to ski areas. It is also a great time to spend with my daughter who snowboarded since the age of two, but who also snowskates instead of snowboarding.  She donated her snowboard to a charity when she was thirteen. (She's seventeen now.) She says she doesn't miss the painful falls on a snowboard and snowskating is much easier on her knees since she has a history of dislocation (medical condition).  My daughter does miss out on going to our local mountain where many of her friends and schoolmates enjoy the slopes.  Instead, we invite her friends to come with us to a resort that welcomes snowskates. 

The final point I'd like to make and the greatest benefit to a ski area allowing snowskates is that by changing your policy, you are not just inviting a dozen local snowskaters to your mountain, you are welcoming them with their families and friends who may be snowboarding or skiing. I think it was the same reasoning that really opened many ski areas to snowboarding: Why exclude a whole large family with one or two snowboarders?  My three brothers and I had our first family reunion/ski trip in almost a decade solely because Taos Ski Valley has approved snowskates. See the photo of all of us!  It really was priceless to get us all together!  

A final note I would like to make is that your ban on snowskates was based on the  level of performance the early snowskates allowed for in the early 2000's. These were basically toys one could buy for $100 at Zumiez and not high end ski equipment like they are now. Please re-evaluate your policy. You are the last mountain in New Mexico that does not welcome snowskates.

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