Pembury Estate - Lack of Community Safety & Resident Involvement

Pembury Estate - Lack of Community Safety & Resident Involvement

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Community Works Foundation (CWF) started this petition to Ben Sarsfield and

Since the recent death of our beloved Exauce Ngimbi, community safety and resident on the Pembury Estate, has become a matter of great concern.

Community Works Foundation come together and researched what has caused the demise in resident involvement and community ties. By volunteering at the community centre, certain issues were bought to our attention and shed some light: 

1. A demise in our community and social environment.

2. Dysfunctional community with broken ties, lack of a community centre as the Pembury Community Centre is outsourced for venue hire and external businesses.

3. H&S risks in the Pembury Community Centre and in and around the estate (water enclosed in an electrical cupboard, emergency lighting in use constantly, due to failure in reinstating communal lighting – impacts service charges).

4. Increased isolation for residents in fear of gang members and random mental health people attacking. Residents more alone now than ever with no trust among each other, due to recent events and their voices being unheard.

5. Lack of support for families involved in the recent events here on the estate, no contact being made with the families concerned.

6. Lack of youth activity and youth club.

7. No Resident Association for five years, although Pembury Circus have had one ever since.

8. Poor communications and management.

9. High staff turnover - many changes in company hierarchy prior to and since the merger.

Many changes to the hierarchy within Peabody, poor communications and management, is something that our community has now become accustomed to. 

There is nothing better about our community since they shut down the home (old youth club) of the community, replacing it with the Pembury Community Centre. 

Peabody has our community suffering, with the gentrification they have burdened us with. We have been left with no resident association for the last five years although, Pembury Circus has one up and running. A breach to our Human Rights with the safety issues and disrepair, we are faced with in and around the estate.  

Since our youth club was closed down, we lost a credible caring Senior Youth Worker, by being bullied out of post, and replaced by Bella Relph; there has been a breakdown in communications, lack of confidentiality, high risk safety issues estate wide (internal and external), and our youth with lack of activities or support, at youth session. 

The adverse reaction to these key factors has led to an increase in violence on the estate, and a breakdown in community ties. With nowhere safe for the young people to go anymore.

The current space provided for the youth club, in the PCC, is a reception area, and a breakout area, located by toilets and a kitchen in a corporate building. With no access to a kitchen for children to learn independent living skills, something they were once used to. On a main road making them open targets to the know violence in the local vicinity.

Did you know that the The old Pembury Community Centre, was built and funded by the Greater London County Council, for the explicit use of the community and its residents? We need to claim back what is rightfully ours and open the doors once again. 

Please help us in our fight to get back our home, and removing Bella Relph - Family and Youth Lead, from the Children's Community Team, by signing our petition.

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