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Please RESIGN as Chair of Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for proven inaction

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First off, I am part of a community of Democrats who are trying to unify and work together to stop Trump and the GOP but Mr. Lujan is clearly MIA from his office and needs to be replaced effective immediately.

On April 11th, 2017, Democratic candidate James Thompson nearly upset his Republican opponent in Kansas' 4th Congressional District special election, falling short by only 7 Points in the same region that the GOP won by 27 about six months ago. Amazingly, he achieved this surprisingly tight margin despite a lack of big money help and ANY support from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), whose one mission is to help House Members FUND and WIN House seats.

Keep in mind that this was the Democratic Party’s first opportunity to win a House seat since DONALD TRUMP became President of the United States and HOUSE DEMOCRATS LOST 247 SEATS ALONG WITH THE OVERALL POPULAR VOTE (13 fewer than the last presidential election) in November.

Due to the national political backlash as well as the unpopularity of budget-slashing Governor Sam Brownback, even though the election was originally considered a Safe Republican district by Election Day it was downgraded to Lean Republican by Cook Political Report as enough buzz was being created about the race that President Trump, Vice President Pence and Ted Cruz got involved and Speaker Ryan led a fundraising push from the National Republican Campaign Committee on behalf of State Treasurer Ron Estes.

Since Thompson was a Bernie supporter, groups like Our Revolution, Democracy For America and Daily Kos helped him out early but once National Republicans started to notice the race where was the DCCC?

During the recent DNC Chair election every candidate supported bringing back the “50-State Strategy” that supported long-term investments to help Democrats build the party and compete nationwide....because Red states need to crawl before they can run. Even though the DCCC’s priority should be bringing resources to competitive races, for them to totally abandon KS-04 even when it was apparent that the race was getting close is a clear case of political malpractice.

Not only did they not even offer a dime to the campaign, they didn’t even bother to post a tweet about it….even on Election Day. However, they did take time to tell their followers about a new Obama sticker though.

The DCCC’s engagement strategy has been infamous for a long time, as their abusive fundraising emails have been lampooned often, but the current Chair Ben Ray Lujan seems to be an especially horrible offender while presiding over one of the worst congressional election track records in the past century.

His lack of interest in the position is apparent in the fact that Lujan hasn’t even tweeted from his @ChairmanDCCC account since his birthday pic which was posted in 2015...nearly two years ago. He apparently retired the account after only 20 tweets in just six months after it was created….skipping the entire presidential campaign in the process.

It seems that Lujan has more interest in celebrating his birthday than winning House elections so let’s retire him from his position in time for his next birthday on June 7th.

Please sign the petition and feel free to share your reasons why the DCCC needs new leadership so we can raise awareness among our fellow Democrats why they should have their voice heard on the direction of our party in this critical time for Democracy!



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