Decision Maker Response’s response

Feb 19, 2014 — Thank you all for sharing your feedback with us!

First, you might be wondering: why is responding now, years after this petition was launched? Truth be told, we didn’t have a way for decision makers – the people on the receiving end of petitions – to respond until very recently. We started with elected officials, and we’ve only just now rolled out our response tool to companies.

Now on to your petition. We don’t discuss HR and personnel matters publicly, but we’d like to respond to the bigger concern about the identity of our platform. At its core, is an open petition platform. We're not conservative, we're not liberal, and we're not an advocacy organization representing any kind of ideology, actually. Anyone can use our platform regardless of who they are, where they live, or what they believe to try to change the things that they care about. (For a more in-depth explanation of why we’re an open platform, we encourage you to check out our founder Ben Rattray’s October 2012 Huffington Post blog:

With 60 million users, it’s understandable that some want us to embrace a different approach, one that promotes certain ideas above others. But our ultimate aim is to empower everyday people as much as we possibly can. By not taking a position on specific issues or petitions, it means the true power of is in the hands of the millions of people, just like you, who use the platform every day. Not taking a stance ourselves also gives our users more credibility when dealing with the decision makers on the receiving end of their petitions. A mayor, member of Congress, or CEO can trust that a petition on represents the voices of people from a great diversity of backgrounds and beliefs, rather than one constituency or advocacy group.

We realize that not all users will agree with our choice to be a neutral, open platform and that this response might understandably feel somewhat unsatisfying. That being said, we hope that it will least give some context for why we’ve taken the approach we have.

Thank you again for reaching out, and please continue sending your thoughts our way.

All the best,