Benjamin Millman borrowed my headphones and I'd like them back

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Allow me to set the stage:

'Twas the eve of the JCC/BBYO Post-Festival HaRikud Party, or the JCCBBYOPFHRP if you will. Some fellow buds and I were playing some live music, along side some other buds, and also Benjamin Millman, who was acting as a DJ for the evening. Ben came up to us and was like


and then we said 


and then he said something along the lines of 

"I need some headphones, is there any chance someone has headphones?"

and I was like

"Yeah my dude, here's some headphones"

I then passed him my headphones.

The night went on without a hitch, havin' a blast with my buds, and give or take 40 japs from like Miami I think. At the end of the night, we were packing up our equipment, and then I left. HOWEVER, I left without my headphones. Now I thought to myself, why do I not have my headphones? Could this have been an oversight on my part, as I hastily left the event, forgetting to find Ben? Of course I quickly came to my senses. This was obviously an intentional act of musical sabotage.

In the week since, I have slipped into a near depressive state, unable to listen to good quality music without aggravating those around me. I have lost friends and loved ones, and though I hate to admit it, have regressed to using a pair of complimentary airplane headphones I found in a backpack in my closet. This is a severely dark time for me, and I hope that you can find a moment to spread the word, and we can hopefully right this wrong together.