Block the Outrageous Overpopulation of Southwest Salt Lake County


Block the Outrageous Overpopulation of Southwest Salt Lake County

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Justin Swain started this petition to Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams and

My family and I recently moved to a newer development  in Herriman.  Initially, we did not plan on moving this far west, but our main goal was to live in a more suburban area, have somewhat of a yard, and have a bit lower traffic, all of which a more central valley location could not provide.  Despite it being a bit further out than initially desired, we went ahead and built a new home in this location based on the aforementioned goals.  We obviously anticipated growth around us knowing full well that the empty fields that surround our neighborhood would not remain.  Our logical assumption was that we would see similar neighborhoods with a mix of housing types and some commercial zones begin to fill in.  However, as a result of a recent rogue decision by the Salt Lake County Council, our expectation for the sustainable density community that we all moved out here for has been seriously jeopardized.

On June 5th, 2018, the Salt Lake County Council voted completely against the voice of the citizens and local city governments that they are tasked to represent and instead displayed their loyalty to Olympia Land LLC, on behalf of The Last Holdout LLC.  Despite the opposition of the tens of thousands of residents of the affected communities and their local mayors, the council approved a rezoning of 931 acres in the Southwest Salt Lake Valley between 12400 S and 13100 S.  The absurd proposal will allow for a population density in this roughly 1000 acre area of 37 persons per acre.  To provide some context, the city of Kearns is one of the more densely populated areas of the Salt Lake Valley with approximately 12 persons per acre.  This proposal is literally more than three times the density of one of the most populous areas currently in the county.

If you live in Herriman, Riverton, West Jordan, South Jordan and any other communities in the Southwest Valley, this proposal WILL significantly impact you.  At a minimum, you will see a serious increase in traffic, especially East to West during morning and evening commutes.  The more serious fallout will include a strain on water, sewer and roads, exacerbating our existing pollution problems, overcrowding of schools, etc.  The majority of the council members that made this decision DO NOT live in communities that will be affected by the rezoning and thus DO NOT have our best interest in mind.  A handful of individuals have decided that they know better than the tens of thousands of community residents and city mayors they are supposed to represent.  This is unacceptable and we should not stand for it.    

I urge you to sign this petition and call on Mayor Ben McAdams and the Salt Lake County Council to do the job that they are tasked with and represent the citizens of these communities, not corporations.  Reverse the decision on 30650 Olympia Hills Development and prevent the overpopulation of the Southwest Salt Lake Valley.

Ben McAdams - (385) 468-7000 / Email (

Four your information, here are the names and contact info of the members that voted in opposition to your voice if you would like to reach out directly and express your displeasure (Steve DeBry was the single dissenting vote while Aimee Winder Newton was not present for the vote).

Jenny Wilson - (385) 468-7451 / Email (

Richard Snelgrove - (385) 468-7452 / Email (

Jim Bradley - (385) 468-7453 / Email (

Arlyn Bradshaw - (385) 468-7454 / Email (

Michael H. Jensen - (385) 468-7455 / Email (

Ann Granato - (385) 468-7457. / Email (  

Max Burdick - (385) 468-7459 / Email (     


This petition made change with 13,745 supporters!

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