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Until 2017, after years of an amazing career, the rapper Macklemore (Ben Haggerty) and his producer, Ryan Lewis, have come to Barcelona only once and for a festival. They have only done one show in Spain (Madrid, 2016), and in the following Europe Tour none, while for example they are doing a show in Luxembourg (which we respect but they only are 562.958 people while in Spain we are 46.468.102 people, and in Barcelona 1.608.746 people). So why do Macklemore go to Luxembourg and not to Spain, if here he has a lot of fans and he would have "Sold out's"? Then, he does the whopping quantity of 8 shows in Germany (which we think is good but unfair). 

We have observed the quantity of comments in your publication of the concerts that you are going to do in Europe, demanding you to come to Barcelona. As we have also seen that you have added a third concert in Sydney by popular demand, so we hope that if this petition reaches a minimum number of signatures, you'd consider doing a concert in Barcelona and well, that you do it (as you did with Sidney)! So what we ask you Macklemore is to add only one more show in your european tour, to come to Barcelona and therefore rejoice the lifes of lots of people who love you!!


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