Congressman Ben Cline MUST RESIGN

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Republican Congressman Ben Cline, a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump and a signer on a lawsuit aimed at disenfranchising millions of voters in Texas vs. Pennsylvania, has contributed to the incitement of violence by domestic terrorists who have laid siege on the Capitol Building in an act of insurrection.

Regardless of what Congressman Cline says today or in the future about the disgusting un-American display at the Capitol by Trump supporters, the fact remains that Cline's support of Trump and his actively seeking to disrupt and overturn the Electoral College vote has brought us to this moment.

Cline must resign. He has besmirched the honor of his office and does not deserve to represent the people of the 6th District of Virginia. He must not be allowed to serve his current term and pretend he had nothing to do with the ramp up that has culminated in this explosive and unprecedented incident.

The people of the 6th District deserve better. They deserve true patriotism and devotion to the Constitution of the United States. Cline has shown his hand as an apostle of a demagogue. And just like that demagogue, he must leave D.C. and let this nation repair the breach that has been ripped in our democracy. Resign now, Mr. Cline.

All opinions and rhetoric in this petition are mine alone as a citizen of the 6th district and do not represent in any way the views of my employer.