Upgrade Jacana Station

Upgrade Jacana Station

5 September 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Aamir Shaik

THIS PETITION is TO DEMONSTRATE the "WILL" of the residents of four suburbs; Jacana, Broadmeadows, Dallas & Glenroy.

Jacana Station is a vital station used by thousands of commuters daily from at least four local suburbs. It is also used by cyclists from all over Melbourne to connect them to the peaceful Moonee Ponds Creek. This unique location of this station also connects two distinctive local councils. 

Jacana Station has been overlooked by both councils for years. In fact, it's been over 50 years where no major upgrades were completed. There are serious concerns that need to be addressed and reviewed; safety, poor accessibility, hygiene, and poor rain protection.  

  1. Safety - Poor lighting in the tunnel that connects to the station. 
  2. Poor Accessibility - Wheelchair access almost impossible with ramps on both ends of the station. The slope of the ramps are steep and become slippery during the rain.
  3. Hygiene - no toilet facilities and due to poor lighting, the station is attracting dumping of rubbish. 
  4. Poor rain protection - No rain protection for commuters. Most of the shelter is positioned at the start of the station.

Other concerns: No display services for departing and arriving timing, no parking spaces, only one myki top-up machine.

This station caters to everyone and people from all walks of life; students, international students, young families, and retirees.

We want to ensure the station is not only safe but also has equal accessibility for everyone to use, providing peace of mind to the community.   

We would like a response from the following:

  • Ben Carroll MP -  Minister for Public Transport Minister for Roads and Road Safety
  • Frank Mcguire  - MP for Broadmeadows
  • Peter Khalil - MP for Broadmeadows
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Signatures: 51Next goal: 100
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