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Amend H.R. 7 to fund for victims of rape.

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H. R. 7 is to remove taxpayer and federally funded health care to provide for abortion. While it is not considerably the public's responsibility for a women's choice of abortion, it is of public concern in the case of rapists. Rapists are a concern of public health and safety, and we, the taxpayers, provide funding to apprehend, to trial, and to sentence rapists for their crimes.

In likeness, it is also the public's responsibility to fund and provide for the victims of rape in reparation for the crimes commited against them, specifically in the event that the victim has a necessity for healthcare and cannot afford it.

It is a crime to force women (or any individual, for that matter) into sex, but it is further immoral that we, the public, make them pay for the healthcare they need, abortion or not, for that which was not within their decision to create or involve themselves in the first place.

We, the undersigned, state H. R. 7 to be amended:

- That taxpayers' dollars are utilized to provide healthcare to victims of rape, in likeness that taxpayers' dollars are used to apprehend, trial, and sentence criminals for charges of rape.

- That this public funding for said healthcare may include to support for childcare OR abortion at the discretion of the victim, in reparation for the acts commited against them.

- That if passed, H.R. 7 will allow states to vote and regulate, and enforce this amendment by the will of the People.

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