Ben Affleck stay as Batman

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There's 99.9% sure that this petition will not change a thing. That Warner will give a fuck and so do Affleck. I am fully aware of this and I'm not whining like "PLEASE BEN, STAY!!!"
But since Batman V Superman, Affleck has not been noticing the respect he has from the fans (let's agree, you may not think he was PERFECT, or the "best Batman ever!!!", but he does really well on what was propose to him) and even with all headache that Warner is bringing to him (catching scripts, AKA "the best in a long time" and throwing at the window, for example) we want to say to him not give up on it, to finally have a decent opportunity to show what he is capable of.
So this petition, if it doesnt work in the end, is for those who still want to see him as the character, to have a chance to show the respect we have for him and the feeling of untapped potential that he gets if he leaves DCEU