Belvedere: Our Community Needs Government Help NOW!

Belvedere: Our Community Needs Government Help NOW!

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Our community is in crisis. 

Establishments around the Station Pointe development are being besieged on a daily basis with a wave of break-ins, drunken fighting/belligerence, drug dealing and vandalism from the growing homeless population.

The residents of Belvedere are living in constant fear from this relentless barrage of crime and anti-social behavior.....NO ONE SHOULD BE FORCED TO LIVE IN FEAR IN THEIR OWN HOME.

The government have allowed three establishments aimed at helping the homeless (including a soup kitchen) to be opened within the same block as a wildly popular liquor store which services these individuals with a bottle return facility.......the Transit Hotel liquor store. 

Twin this with a severe lack of policing and supervision, and its the perfect storm that has created a living nightmare for the residents of this area, a nightmare which is escalating at an ever alarming rate.   

We are all in support of helping those in need, but if the City decides to allow multiple homeless support establishments within such a small radius, then they must also provide the necessary support in terms of policing and care professionals for the inevitable surge in homeless population.

As we speak the poor souls of Belvedere are left footing the bill for the City’s lack of foresight.



  • Transfer 10 police from other districts to our district by April 30.
  • Dedicate 1 police Full Time to Transit Hotel block by April 30.
  • Councillor Paquette and Mayor Iveson to walk the beat once a month with police.
  • Begin community safety walks every day with community members.
  • Actually arrest and charge people breaking the law

Relocate Troublesome Establishments

  • Close the Transit Hotel liquor store
  • Move the Transit Hotel soup kitchen to a supervised city building
  • City of Edmonton to pay for damages to our homes caused by vagrants


  • Dedicate a one time amount of $1 million to Belvedere Community to combat crime and vagrancy

This petition will be sent to our Mayor, Don Iveson (, as well as our Councilor, Aaron Paquette (  Feel free to email them yourselves.

Its time to say "enough is enough", stand up for our community and demand swift action from our representatives in government. 

Please sign this petition and be part of the change!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!