Allow Metal Roofing in Belterra

Allow Metal Roofing in Belterra

April 8, 2021
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Belterra Residents & Board of Directors of our Community Assc.
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Why this petition matters

Started by G. Todd Hector

This petition is to support Belterra Residents by having the option and voice to install metal roofing on their homes.  Currently Belterra restricts metal roofing for the entire house per section E of the Permitted Rules and Regulations of the HOA.  This needs to be fixed and your support is needed NOW!!!

On April 22, 2021, the Belterra HOA Board of Directors will be meeting and this petition is planned to be presented in order to gain support in updating our residential restrictions.  Allowing homeowners the option to have metal versus composite roofing. 

Metal Roofing not only is the GREENER and better environmental choice of today, but has direct cost savings for all homeowners.

  1. Inherent qualities that reflect/re-emits solar radiation versus absorbing it.  Meaning your AC doesn't have to work as hard.  Reducing your monthly cooling costs.
  2. Homeowners insurance rates can possibly decrease with metal roofing.
  3. Resale value of your home can increase and recoup the cost of installation.
  4. Longevity - Typical asphalt roofs last 10-20 years.  Metal is 3X that!
  5. Most metal roof manufactures use recycled content and upon replacement, your roof is 100% recyclable.
  6. Minimum maintenance that is drastically less upkeep than on shingled roofs.
  7. Safer!  Fire Resistant - Can stand up against lightning strikes with no sparks to ignite fires.  Wind Resistant - At 140MPH wind rating, No shingles blowing off like we saw in recent storms.  Durable and Light Weight - Protecting structural integrity of your home.  Water Resistant - Unlike shingled roofing, metal roofs allow maximum shedding of water.  Impervious with interlocking panels that allow rain, snow, etc. to slide off.  No more composite debris in your rain gutters from shingles that can clog your down drains. 
  8. More aesthetically pleasing and fits this community cosmetics.  Especially with metal roofs already on; community buildings, mailbox locations, residential porches and patio's.  In general, just our stone home appearances with metal roofs will compliment the neighborhood and their current values.  With various color options like composite shingles, color options would tie into HOA guidelines in the same manner.

So why not give yourself the option?  Let's stand together as a community to influence our Board of Directors to do what is desired.  Allow us Homeowners to decide what is best for our homes, our environment and our community.


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Signatures: 118Next Goal: 200
Support now

Decision Makers

  • Belterra Residents & Board of Directors of our Community Assc.