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1. Hospital Violence :

                       Violence  against doctors, Health Care workers and hospitals have  become   a routine  than exception. No state in India is free of this malody. 18 states have legislations protecting the  doctors, hospitals and health care personnel. The fact remains that inspite of   lot of hospital attacks not even a single person has been convicted sofar. We demand central hospital protection Act which should be a strong deterrent to violence anywhere in India.

2. Generic-generic drugs :

                        IMA is ready to accept generic –generic drugs provided the Government can ensure quality of each batch in bio-availability, bioequivalence, shelf life, percentage of  impure particles and uniform prices. In that circumstances the Government may ban  branding  of drugs  except patented ones. The  judgement to choose a rational drug and its format  vests only with the Registered Medical Practitioners. This right of the medical profession is sacrosanct

3. The National Medical Commission Bill 2016:

                        The proposed NMC  is an autocratic, bureaucratic, non representative, non democratic, non federal  body of 20 nominated members where the entire  power is concentrated in the hands  of  the President. It is also an overarching body  subsuming not only MCI but National Board of Examinations and NEET Authority. Medical Council of India has 168 members,  2/3rds of them being elected democratically.MCI reflects the true federal nature of the Indian UNION with representation to the states, universities and the doctors of the country. On the other hand the proposed NMC has only 20 members, all nominated  by Central Government.  It not only defranchises all the doctors it takes away the federal right of state Governments and the universities of the states to participate in the  regulation of medical education and practice.

                        Uptil now 15% of the seats in  private medical colleges are being given to the management for their exclusive determination of fee. NMC permits Government  control only up to 40% of the seats. This could be legally 1% or none at all.The rest are given to the private managements to auction to the highest bidder. This is a clause which has the potential to destroy the social fabric of the future medical community and the nation.

                        It abolishes Medical Council of India and along with that the section 15.2.b of MCI Act  which says that the basic qualification to practise modern medicine is MBBS. It introduces schedule IV to allow Ayurvedics, Homeopaths, and others  to get registration in Modern Medicine.It requires legitimate MBBS students to take  a licentiate exam after final MBBS exam. It brings non medical people like advocates, charted accountants and social activists into the highest body of medical governance changing its perspective and character for ever. Such an experiment in the British Medical Council was a gross failure. It directly affects Patient Care and Patient Safety by allowing graduates of other systems to practise  modern medicine.

                     We demand that  the Government should amend IMC Act 1956 and drop the proposed  NMC.


                        By an amendment to the IMC Act 1956 the MOH has proposed a National Exit Exam for all  MBBS graduates after their final MBBS exam. They are required to clear NEXT in order to obtain their license to practice.  This is height of injustice. Asking medical graduates who have cleared 36 exams in their career with three dimensional (theory,  clinicals   and viva)examinations is nothing short of cruelty. Registration is the legitimate right of an MBBS graduate. If the objective of NEXT is to ensure standards of medicals education, the real attention should be on the faculty and infrastructure of medical colleges. IMA and the medical students of the county stand united in resisting  NEXT.

a) A national schedule for final MBBS Examination all over the country.

b) PG NEET to be conducted within 45 days from the date of declaration of the result.

c) The Rotating internship to begin on a common date.

5. Exempt medical practice and medical negligence from criminal prosecution and judgement since there is no mens rea  between the  doctor and the patient.

6. Implement the  recommendations of the inter ministerial committee on central hospital     protection law, Capping of compensation in CPA , amendments in PCPNDT Act, Mixopathy etc.

                                    We the modern medicine doctors of India sign this petition anticipating your  favourable intervention in the cause of the fraternity and all our patients.