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Allow Belmont Commons Residents to Park in McWhorter and JAAC Garages

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Do you want to walk to class in 20 degree weather, carrying course materials for your day that begins at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 6:00 p.m.? Do you want to walk all the way to the JAAC, McWhorter, Massey, etc. for class when other individuals and classmates are allowed to drive? Do you want to leave your home a half hour early just to make it to class in a timely manner? No? Didn't think so. As a residential student who lives in Belmont Commons, I was unaware that I wasn't allowed to drive and park in the JAAC/McWhorter garages unless it's after 4:30 p.m. With that being said, I have driven and parked for classes Monday through Friday without any repercussion thus far. Recently, I was ticketed a $50.00 fine for "parking in the wrong/unassigned lot". Apparently, I am expected to walk to and from class. As it is late February and approaching spring break, why am I just now being fined for this when I've been doing this action since I moved in early August? There has been some inconsistency in the rules of parking, in which I thought I was doing the appropriate and right thing. One may say "well it's only a 15- 20 minute walk. What's the big deal?" Well, here's the big deal: I am a college student that literally doesn't sleep. I am not just a student though, I am a worker, a roommate, a member of many on-campus organizations, etc. A 3-5 minute drive to class, including parking and making my way to the elevator saves me time and extrinsic effort, in which I could redirect these priceless valuables elsewhere. The McWhorter and JAAC garages are more than capable of being used accordingly to an additional residential estate, Belmont Commons at Belmont University, as again, myself and plenty of other students have used the parking accommodations on a daily basis. After going to Campus Security to appeal the unsuspected ticket, my roommates and I were turned away. This petition serves as an extreme measure to voice our opinions to Belmont University, specifically Campus Security. Their unfair and unjust fines - especially so late in the second semester of the year, should have been a simple warning to the error and corrected back in August. Belmont's Campus Security has exemplified their rudeness, mistrust, and unapproachability multiple times, with this occurrence being the last straw. Please help me, along with other Belmont Commons residents, prove to them that we are not abusing our power to drive and park to class. Please help us avoid the cold and a twenty minute walk. Please sign this petition and make a difference among your peers. Thank you!

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