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Belmont Same Start Time, Belmont, MA

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We are against starting Belmont High School (“BHS”) at a later start time. Please join us in our opposition by signing this petition, which we will share with the Belmont School Committee at their next meeting, February 28. 
There are many dire consequences to delaying school start time.

Loss of free periods, a later end of school, or both:  Free periods are extremely critical times for productivity and time management - think back to all those times your frees helped you minimize your homework, ace an upcoming test, or even gave you time to relax and take a quick break from all the stresses of your day. 

Later nights and less sleep:  Later start time would have a chain effect on students - getting home later, beginning and finishing homework later, evidently resulting in the same hours of sleep or even less. According to Thacher (SLEEP 2016;39(2):271–281), after several months of the delayed opening school system, teenagers fell back into the same hours of sleep they had before, and showed little to no change in GPA, mental health, etc.

Transportation headaches:  Later start time would result in difficulties for students to arrive and leave from school. Parents or guardians with early jobs and strict hours may have troubles adjusting to these new hours, especially when they are different from those of the elementary and middle school. BHS students who need to pick up or drop off siblings to school will no longer be able to do so. 

Loss of Extracurriculars:  BHS already struggles to fit in practices and meetings for extracurriculars - if school ends later, scheduling practice hours for sports and extracurriculars will be even more competitive - leading to cuts and eventually fall outs of certain sports. 

Let’s Focus Our Energy on Finding Real Solutions:  Want to solve the problem of lack of sleep?  Let’s talk about making “Homework Free Weekend” actually homework free.  Let’s talk about capping the number of APs a student can take during their time at BHS.

We ask that you sign this petition, standing in support of your community and students, asking that the school start times remain the same.

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