Give Avedis Residents Visitor Parking spaces

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The residents at Avedis, South Ruislip were given an allocated parking space each with three residents permits and also two visitor permit cards.

A recent communication with no consultation of residents affected has stated that from Monday 16th April, all visitor permit cards are to be revoked. This does not give the residents of the development any scope for their visitors to park even though there is ample space on the development. The current situation where vehicles are parked along the roadway could remain or perhaps by marking out some visitor bays so that visitors have somewhere to park could be implemented.

Using the adjacent shopper's car parks is also an option, but our visitor permits would have to be made valid for them. This may require special permission but UKPC patrols both sites anyway.

If you feel that our visitors should have somewhere to park, please sign the petition and make our development function for the people who actually live here!

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