Ask Councils to pass 4G/5G Wireless Health Effects Resolutions

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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) continues to ignore health effects of 4G/5G wireless microwave technology. Industry admits there has been no pre-market safety testing done (4 minute video) before the rollout of 4G/5G “small cell” antennas into our public rights of way in close proximity to homes, schools and places of work. 

Please sign our petition urging the Bellingham City Council and the Whatcom County Council to pass resolutions encouraging our state and national governments to

  1. thoroughly study the health effects of 4G/5G wireless microwave technology on humans and
  2. to limit the deployment and use of this technology in Washington until scientific evidence conclusively establishes that long term exposure to wireless radiation poses no harm to humans.

We need to see our City and County Councils call for safety studies on this technology. And we want action that works towards municipal fiber infrastructure to our homes and businesses for reliable, secure, fast broadband access for everyone.

- Whatcom Citizens for Responsible Technology (