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Save BELLINGEN’S old Heritage Listed trees in the town’s central street.

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The Bellingen Shire Council does not seem to know how many people want our beautiful old trees to stay… so let’s show them!

 The huge old Camphor Laurel trees in the centre of Bellingen, 5 in total, the ones that make Bellingen so green & endearing are scheduled to be removed.

 ·    Why do people come to Bellingen?

·    What makes Bellingen such a beautiful resting place?

 Many people visit Bellingen, many people have been coming for years and many people love Bellingen just the way it is!

 Our Camphor Laurels are not a preferred feature of the Council’s new street plan. They say its too costly to work with them, yet its costing a fortune to bring them down, not only financially but to the community and our future. We can no longer afford to bring aged trees down as it suits us. At some point we must hang on to what we can for our children and we say they should be left for generations to come.

 For shade, climate, climbing, aesthetics and for the future.

 SO… We need as many signatures as possible to show how many people object to this and how many people it will effect.

 I know the Council's intentions are good and these are noble people. What we feel is that there should be room for other solutions that keep everyone happy. We do not feel this has been earnestly explored.

 This is not ok. There are in fact other options, which would involve management of the trees and root systems, using raised boardwalks etc which have been ruled out and this is concerning.

 20 years ago the council tried to have the trees removed and the people of Bellingen stopped them. This could happen again… the peoples voice can be strong enough for them to listen, but if we don’t gather in force to try to stop this, these trees will be gone forever.

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