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Awareness for the LGBT+ Community

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This semester, junior students in our class were given the responsibility of creating a civil project. Our group--consisting of Tamy'a, Miguel, and Jamie--gladly chose to bring awareness to the LGBT+ community in our high school. It is not discussed much, so we would like to take the time to help bring up the topic to our peers. 

Part of our project requires us to explain how the group that we are representing are discriminated in their everyday lives. The goal is to make a difference, even if that means starting in a small place such as our high school campus. Though it is definitely a task to be done, we would be more than happy to accomplish it. 

A way to do that is to gather people who realize this and continue to make that list grow. That is why we are asking for your help. If we could petition to raise awareness and appreciation for the LGBT+ community here, there is no doubt that the three of us could eventually move on to something bigger. 

Please, help us achieve our goals. It doesn't matter to just us, but to the people we want to support. 

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