Reverting Bellevue School District Start Time to 7:30

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As of the fall of 2016, the Bellevue School District changed their district-wide start time from 7:30 to 8:30 in an effort to offer students more sleep. However, there were more negative consequences that resulted from this start time. This start time has resulted in:

  • Increased traffic levels at 3:30 as opposed to 2:30, as well as in the morning before school. 
  • Later end for sports, resulting in longer commutes.
  • Inconvenient and underpopulated tutorials being in the morning as opposed to after school. 
  • Minimal or nonexistent increase in sleep because of later sport end time. 
  • Higher frequency of conflict with student's after school work schedule.

With enough voicing and signing from the community, the district will need to consider reverting the time. Please spread this around if you too feel passionately about the Bellevue School District Start time and wish to see change.

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