Fix Sidney St & Bridge St intersection

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People who live in Belleville Ontario know how bad this intersection is. Everyone in this neighbourhood is sick of being scared to cross this street after REPEATEDLY almost being hit by oncoming traffic. Since Oct 31 2018 my children (5&6) as well as myself have personally seen a pedestrian and a motorcyclist hit by a vehicle (photo from Aug 20 2019). A minimum of 3-4 times a week myself and my children almost get hit at this intersection. We have 3+ schools around this intersection and it isn't safe for adults, let alone children. 

How many people have to be hit before our mayor, Mitch Panciuk does something about it? Does someone have to die? 

I'm hoping that presenting this to Belleville City hall as well as mayor Mitch Panciuk something will get fixed, BEFORE someone is killed. 

Belleville is expanding too much, instead of making our sidewalks downtown LOOK pretty, let's try making our sidewalk and intersections SAFE first.