Stop the fireworks at Hobcaw Barony for the 300th Anniversary Celebration

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Sandra Bundy
Sandra Bundy signed this petition

The Belle W. Baruch Foundation was formed in 1964 with the primary mission to conserve and protect the natural, ecological and cultural treasures of the 16,000 acres encompassing Hobcaw Barony in Georgetown, South Carolina.  

To celebrate the 300th Anniversary of Hobcaw Barony the Belle W. Baruch Foundation intends to host "Sunset Fireworks" at their black tie fundraiser over the waters of Winyah Bay.  This beautiful, historic natural area is home to important and protected wildlife species.  It is an area where aerial litter, toxic pollutants and noise from fireworks can do irreparable harm.

The harmful impacts of fireworks are well documented and a commercial fireworks display in this remote area will place unnecessary stressors on the wildlife of the preserve and will litter the waters of Winyah Bay.  Additionally the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources prohibits the use of fireworks in wildlife preserves and maintains neighboring property at the Tom Yawkey Wildlife Center Heritage Preserve.

The signers of the petition respectfully request Mr. George Chastain, Executive Director and the Board of Directors of the Belle W. Baruch Foundation remove 'Sunset Fireworks' from their program to align with the mission and values of the Foundation and legacy of Belle W. Baruch to conserve the integrity of the land and water they are entrusted to protect.