Change Municipal bi laws to allow local business Owners to park on their Property!

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This affects everyone who has a commercial vehicle in their driveway.

I have started my business in Hawkesbury - a mobile ice cream truck named after my granddaughter Belle, with permission from our Township. The problem is that I can't park my truck in my driveway because of municipal bi laws. Which basically is not enforced unless they receive a complaint. Unfortunately, they received a complaint 1 year later when we were about to commence our business.

Unfortunately, one of our neighbors on our street filed a complaint along the lines of our truck being an “eye sore”. 
Our truck is only parked on our property that we own during the night to keep our product fresh, plugged in and from going spoiled. Ee work during the day and evening up to 9pm! So parking at night shouldn’t be a problem. 

Everyday we clean our ice cream machines which take about 3 hours to clean and disinfect.

Just like everyone else we are trying to make a living. We have put all our money, spirit and love into this business in our to achieve our dreams! 

I need your support and signatures to allow me to park the truck in my driveway and keep operating my business. Thank you for your support! 

Belle's Ice Cream