Bellaire Citizens Opposed to Sidewalks b4 Drainage

Bellaire Citizens Opposed to Sidewalks b4 Drainage

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bellaire texas Post Harvey started this petition to and

If you are OPPOSED to Bellaire sidewalk construction without street and drainage repair,  please read and sign this petition below.  There is a lot of misinformation on all sides of this issue.  WE NEED 100's of SIGNATURES!

No Money needed

This is to support Mayor Friedberg’s presentation and recommendation to council on 9/’17/18, where he got a STANDING OVATION!!!!  See presentation here. 

Many of you have signed written petitions, but we are asking you sign this petition so that we have a virtual count similar to the pro-sidewalk group.  Council is already approved spending on a modified D1 and we want to stop any more Spending on D2 until there is a comprehensive plan and a CITIZENS VOTE……


SUPPORT the mayor and his recommendation to Council 9/17/18  

Mayor's recommendation (you can see the entire presentation above)

  • Continue sidewalks on at least one side of RECONSTRUCTED streets with drainage repair
  • Before “ Stand Alone” Sidewalks, first answer the big picture policy question

              Develop a plan for overall Bellaire plan

              With Public involvement, Input and Buy-in

              Consistency in Decision Making and Overall Direction

              Avoid piecemeal approach as is being done today 

  •  Consider the timing and priorities for the city post Harvey
  •  Confirm that the councils priorities (who represent our city) match    Community’s priorities.


COMPARE apples to apples and follow the “process”.  No 12th hour voting on an item on page 118 (of the proposal in front of council ) and not listed on Council Agenda.   Stop confusing the issues with sidewalk widths , etc and after the plan is developed…Create a  clear and concise  (don't lump in with other initiatives) Referendum that can be VOTED on by the citizens.  Not Virtual input.

FOCUS ON DRAINAGE ISSUES post Harvey and stop the distraction with STANDALONE SIDEWALKS! Avoid having funds spent on sidewalks before drainage and street repairs 

Gather citizen input BEFORE spending a lot of money on Engineering and bidding contracts.  First notice of D2 was July 24th, 2018 for the vote that will be held next week.  No Council Members attended and there was overwhelming opposition to the plans which have never been shared by Michael Leech in his address to council.

Accept citizens petitions against sidewalks on their street if they are proposed as part of Street Reconstruction 

BE an alternative to those who are pro-sidewalk in a reference to “reasonable “ sidewalks where money is diverted from drainage .


0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!