Drop your trademark dispute against Innovation Brewing

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Drop your trademark dispute against Innovation Brewing

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Bell's Brewing Inc. of Galesburg, MI has filed a federal trademark dispute against Innovation Brewing of Sylva, North Carolina.  This dispute claims that Bell's has used an unregistered advertising slogan "bottling innovation since 1985" which could lead to market confusion for customers. Bell's also uses a slogan "inspired brewing" that is part of the legal complaint that the company believes would be confused with Innovation Brewing's name. 

Bells is a Goliath in the craft beer industry producing over 310,000 bbl. of beer per year.  New start up Innovation Brewing produces around 500 bbl per year.  While every business has an inherent right to protect their brands and marketing, this lawsuit is a clear case of a large company with money bullying a small start up who is trying to keep the doors open.  The Federal dispute is without merit and provides yet another example of the increasingly litigious nature of the craft beer industry.

This petition was formed by a group of 700 craft beer enthusiasts called "Secret Beer Group".  The group is nationwide, but has roots in Michigan.  We feel that the number of these ridiculous disputes and legal actions between craft breweries has reached a critical level.  For craft beer to grow and move forward we need more collaboration and camaraderie, not more litigation and consolidation. 

We ask that Bell's drop their baseless litigation against a tiny family brewery that is not and will not be a competitor to Bell's.  We also call for like-minded people who think craft beer is about togetherness and not crushing small business to boycott Bell's Brewing until they drop this trademark dispute.

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