Bring Back Dave & Julie!!!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!

GIVEN that we:

  • have listened to Bob’s Breakfast for years;
  • feel that Dave Illman and Julie Corlett are like local family;
  • disagree in the strongest possible terms with employees being walked out the door despite years of excellent performance;
  • know that Dave & Julie, Bob’s Breakfast and 91.9BOB FM have served our communities ‘beyond the call’ including local charities, people in need, and the Humane Society;
  • confirm that Bob’s Breakfast with Dave & Julue and local radio are part of our rural culture;
  • support 91.9 BOB FM as our local radion station and our friends who work there; and
  • believe that a better future awaits the community, the station and hosts if these changes are rescinded.

We the undersigned respectfully request that Dave and Julie be reinstated to BOB’s Breakfast immediately: