Stop cable technicians from entering peoples homes during COVID-19 pandemic

Stop cable technicians from entering peoples homes during COVID-19 pandemic

March 18, 2020
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Started by Ammali K

Cogeco and Bell

You should be cancelling all installations!Your techs and contracted techs Health is at risk! Please stop them from going into peoples houses! This is ridiculous do you not care for your workers safety?!
shame on you!

My husband is a contractor for cogeco going into peoples house without any protection because the company that he works for that contracts off of cogeco, they say they are waiting on delivery’s of masks and gloves, not one mention of hand sanitizer, and we’ve been told mask don’t work as it can get through the eyes! Casinos and public areas are closed to try and contain this pandemic but yet here you are continually sending YOUR TECHs into homes of people who would deny travelling to get there services and putting your techs and their families at risk!

My son who asthmatic and Immunodeficient is now being put at risk because of your laziness and lack of care for your workers!


UPDATE: an email was received that they do a survey of customers before send a tech... People can lie and say they are fine and still get their services! they are also told to keep a distance from the customer, how is this possible when most customers follow you around to ask questions not to mention some of the cleanliness of these places they have to go into are deplorable. Action needs to be taken for their safety! 

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Signatures: 6Next Goal: 10
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