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Gaming is destroying your children and emptying your bank accounts.

Did you know that the game Star Wars: Battlefront II(2017) costs 60$?

Okay then, did you know that it will take 4528 hours(375 days of non-stop 12-hour sessions of grinding) or $2100 to unlock the entirety of the game?


Microtransactions have become the new standard of monetizing the game industry.

It has been a thorn in the sides of gamers for a long time, but the trade-off was that the games was free, and what you bought was purely cosmetic.

E.g. League of Legends and CS:GO.

But recently, game industries have been trying new options. Like putting microtransactions in 60$ paid games, purposely made the game just barely fun enough.

"But why should it be a problem? You can just stop buying their stuff, it's capatalistic freedom.. etc."

True, and people with self-control won't have this issue. But, these companies are beginning to targeting the youth, who've just started earning their first buck.

And they're using slot-machine tactics and casino psychology to trigger and manipulate young people into using their money, besides the 60$ they already paid.

As so, like with casinos, where you don't pay to get in, there should be age restriction of 18-21+ years and entry wouldn't be allowed. Also there should be a slot-machine/microtransactions sticker/warning on every printed copy, so parents knows that the game is using manipulation.

More info on the psychological aspect:

Belgium doing something for the cause:

Look what other users says about this. 1/10 rating (Don't believe the "critics"):

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