Stop the cracked reactors Tihange 2 and Doel 3

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In August 2012 thousands of cracks were discovered during an inspection of the reactor pressure vessels (RPV) of the Belgian nuclear power plants Doel 3 and Tihange 2.
Even before all necessary tests were carried out, the 30-year-old reactors were started up again in June 2013!

When the missing test results were present, these were so badly that the reactors were shut down non-scheduled immediately in March 2014. Now the operator (Electrabel) wants to restart both units in July 2015, despite the highly alarming findings:

  • The latest ultrasound tests show 60% more defects. The crack lengths rose from 2.5 cm to unbelievable 18 cm.
  • Tests at the Nuclear Research Center Mol led to "unexpected results" (quote Electrabel): A with cracks preloaded steel embrittles many times faster by irradiation than material without defects. In the tests the by the operator factored in safety margins were exceeded dramatically.

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Despite major protests, including the handing over of the first 100,000 signatures of this petition to the Belgian Interior Minister, the reactors were nevertheless restarted at the end of 2015.

Since then, they have been producing one accident after another, and popular resistance has grown more and more. The temporary highlight in 2017 was the 90 km long human chain from Tihange via Maastricht to Aachen.

We appeal to you at FANC to decide for the safety of millions of people.

For us as affected citizens close to these reactors it is necessary:
As long as

  • the cause of the cracks in the two RPVs can not be proven beyond doubts and a change of the crack sizes during operation can not definitely be excluded,
  • the irradiation tests give reason to suspect that the embrittlement of the steel of the cracked RPVs has already exceeded the permissible limits by its operation during the last 30 years,
  • no proof exists that "reactors with cracks" have the same level of safety than "reactors without cracks",

TIHANGE 2 and DOEL 3 - CAN NOT be operated any further.

We know that the consequences of a meltdown on the damaged reactors will not stop at the Belgian border, but will also hit the citizens of neighboring countries.

Note in support of the petition

Please spread this petition via e-mail and social media. We continue to collect. The danger is real!

Since the launch of this campaign, nearly 100,000 signatures have been collected on paper lists. Link to download the lists in three languages:

Our goal: At Fr, 13th of July 2018, the digital and analogue petitions will be handed over to the new head of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority. Help us make it a total of half a million signers by then.