Stop the banning of Hijabs in higher education in Belgium!

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After banning the hijab in high schools, the Constitutional Court ruled this week that colleges and universities are allowed to BAN the hijab, as a sign of neutrality.  Job appliances of hijabi Muslims are being DECLINED because of the headscarf. Burqinis (Muslim women's swimwear) are banned to be worn in public. 

All of this is related to one thing: neutrality. 

Neutrality: attempting to remain impartial. Banning religious signs such as a headscarf is not remaining impartial at all. In contrast, it is being partial by favoring non religious sings above religious sings. The weak argument of neutrality should be thrown away itself. How do you want to achieve neutrality in a diverse society?

Belgium Art. 19 - Freedom of worship, freedom of PUBLIC EXPRESSION OF WORSHIP, as well as freedom of expression of opinion in any field, are guaranteed, unless the offenses committed against those freedoms are punished. Is banning a headscarf freedom of expression of worship?

Neutrality is a way to hide away the hatred and discrimination. Neutrality cannot be achieved in a society with multicultural characteristics. This is a way to condemn a minority by making exceptions for them.